CS EdWeek 2024 is December 9-15, 2024

CSEd Week 2023

Dates: December 4-8, 2023 

Theme: Impacts of Computing

Objective: Increase access and exposure to computer science to students in grades PK-12


The theme for the 2023 CS EdWeek is “Impacts of Computing”. “Impacts of Computing” refers to the positive and negative effects on various aspects of our lives, including education, privacy, security, and accessibility. 

Understanding impacts equips learners to apply computer science for good. By discussing positive and negative effects of technology, students gain perspective on how their CS skills can create solutions that serve humanity. We want graduates who use algorithms not just for efficiency but for equity, prioritizing safety, accessibility, identity, and justice.

Examining impacts also prepares students for ethical responsibilities as technology innovators. Considering pitfalls like biases in AI prevents harm. Learning about privacy builds wisdom to handle data carefully. Wrestling with complexity develops discerning judgment. At the heart of "Impacts of Computing" is a call to shape young citizens who wisely steward innovation. Our task is cultivating both tech competence and moral character.


What is Computer Science?

Computer science is learning to use computers and other types of technology to see the world in new ways. Computer science teaches you how to think critically, solve problems creatively, and collaborate with others effectively. With computer science skills, you can build apps that connect people, design games that make learning fun, and program robots that help people in need. You can apply computing to make music, art, medicine, and more better.


Why is learning Computer Science important?

Computer science provides you with skills that will help you in school, your career, and life. Learning CS teaches you computational thinking - how to tackle large problems by breaking them down into smaller, solvable steps. It builds your critical thinking, logic, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Computer science also allows you to blend tech and creativity to bring your ideas to life. With CS, you learn how to turn problems into progress. On a deeper level, computer science matters because technology plays a huge role in society. As a computer scientist, you can help shape the future for the better. You can create innovations that connect people, serve real needs, and positively impact communities.


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